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To be eligible to adopt our rescue rabbits you must fill in our adoption application form. There is no obligation. Once you fill in the form we will contact you or you can contact us to discuss your application. We will tell you about rabbits that might suit you and show you photos and videos of them. 

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Rabbits for Adoption

Rabbits for Sale
Why don't we refer to 'selling' our rescue rabbits? We speak of 'adopting' because we want them to be adopted into a family, to be a pet part of that family, not a forgotten, lonely rabbit in a cage in the backyard.

For more information on any of the rabbits for sale contact Kim on 0416062947 by phone or text.

Rabbit Price 

We believe our rescue rabbits are priceless. That is why we don't put a selling price on them. We simply ask a donation of your choice. That choice should be based on:

* Your own financial situation
* The value of the rabbit at current market price
*  The over $400 value of our vetwork package inc desexing, vaccination, microchipping etc.
*  How much you would like to help us to rescue more rabbits 

What you get with your adopted rabbit: 
Your rabbits will come to you desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for internal and external parasites. Your adopted rabbits will have had a vet check by our vets and are adopted with all vet work done. 

What you give:
Cuddles, love, room to run and play, inclusion of your rabbit as part of your family.

Ongoing support for after you buy a rabbit:

We provide ongoing support for you and your adopted rabbits. 
You can phone, text or email us anytime for advice. 
You can exchange your rabbit for another rabbit if you are not happy with your choice.

If for any reason you cannot keep your rabbits we will take them back no questions asked. 

Our rabbit camera is always on the go and the above homepage and facebook page shows rabbits for adoption to good homes. Consider adopting male and female rabbits as pals. Our rabbits are all desexed and vaccinated, vet checked healthy, wormed, mite and lice free.

We have rabbits in Foster Care in various locations in NSW and we deliver to VIC and ACT.
View rabbits at Tweed Heads, Lenox Head, Grafton, Sydney. Delivery to most places.

We have over 80 abandoned pet rabbits to choose from that need a home.
We deliver to most places including Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Melbourne 
If you live in any of these towns you can drive to adopt a rabbit:
Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Lismore, Port Macquarie, Casino, Woodburn, Ballina, Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah, Banora Point, Armidale, Tamworth


Visiting The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Australia...

Rabbits are available for adoption to loving homes.  If you are interested in having a beautiful bunny in your life please let us know via email or phone.  We will discuss their care needs with you.  You can then make an appointment to visit The Rabbit Sanctuary to meet bunnies that are suitable for adoption.  There are so many rabbits that need homes you will find it difficult to choose.

Talking to someone about adopting a rabbit...

If you are thinking about adopting a rabbit please contact Kim for advice on 0416 062 947 and we will be pleased to give you advice and support.

To adopt a bunny from The Rabbit Sanctuary we need to ask you what type of bunny you would like e.g. colour, size, sex, age.  We will also want to know where you plan to house your rabbit and ask you about the accommodation etc.  We can offer you lots of expert advice on all this.

We can offer you a  vaccinated, wormed and desexed rabbit.   We have baby rabbits, young rabbits, and older rabbits in need of a loving home.  We also microchip the rescue rabbit on entry and treat for parasites.  You will receive a healthy, vet checked rabbit.  We ask a donation of your choice.

View some photos of other people who have adopted a rescue rabbit from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary.

See more PHOTOS of people who have adopted a rabbit   


The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary was established to help unwanted rabbits or rabbits and their owners that need long term or short term help. The Rabbit Sanctuary is set in a beautiful Australian bushland setting in Northern NSW Australia. It is a no kill shelter. Rabbits are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and receive veterinary care. The are fed Premium Rabbit Pellets, the best Premium Grade Hay, Fresh grass, Fresh Vegetables, and lots of other nice things.


Rabbits are available to suitable homes with our advice and ongoing support. We can arrange suitable housing, equipment and foods for your adopted rabbits. Our rabbits are available for a donation of your choice.


People can bring their rabbits to the shelter to live if they can't keep them for any reason. They can choose to remain the owner* of the rabbits and visit them. *costs apply


We have a wonderful range of rabbit lovers that support our rabbit rescue work along the East Coast of Australia. We rescue abandoned pet rabbits, we rehabilitate them and where possible we rehome them.


Free Vet Health Checks
When you adopt a rabbit you receive a voucher for a free health check. Our wonderful rabbit vet Dr Chris and his team provide expert rabbit veterinary services such as rabbit desexing, rabbit vaccination, rabbit health checks, rabbit dental care and more. 
Ph/Text Kim on: 0416 062 947