Rabbit Adoption Application Form 
We do not ask money for our rabbits.  We do not put a price on them because we believe they are priceless.

We ask people who adopt to make a donation to help us rescue more rabbits.  The donation amount is of your own choice.

We adopt to indoor homes who can provide a playpen for them in their own home.

Your choice of rescue rabbits in various locations:
We have rescue rabbits in Foster Care in various locations which widens your choice.

Rescue Rabbit Delivery
We can fly beautiful bunnies to your nearest airport for you for $150 or deliver by road from $50. This widens your choice of bunnies from our entire collection from Tweed Heads to Grafton, Port Macquarie, Central Coast, Forster, Newcastle, Melbourne and Canberra.

Please look on our website home page to see all the bunnies.  You can choose any of them and we will deliver.

Please see below our adoption agreement & care information. 

If you feel you can meet our adoption requirements for accommodation and care please email back that you agree. 

We require indoor homes for our bunnies. This is due to the release of new fly carried viruses being released by the government as well as our old enemy Myxomatosis which is carried by mosquitoes and fleas.

Our recommendation is a playpen in the home so bunny can be part of the family and safe from flies, mozzies & fleas & predators. 

The playpen provides freedom of movement.

Please set up your playpen in your home and purchase the premium hay and pellet (see sheet attached) then send us a photo by email to rabbitrescuesanctuary@gmail.com